The development of mechanical parts processing industry in China in 2015
2015-08-08 hits: 1201

How the future development trend of mechanical parts processing industry? The following is the report by China hall small as you finish in 2015 the development of mechanical parts processing industry in China the trend of specific content, with Xiaobian a look!

1 composite machine tool technology to further expand with the CNC machine tool technology, composite processing technology matures, including milling, turning and milling composite car car - boring auger - gear cutting composite, composite grinding, forming composite processing, special composite processing, precision machining efficiency is greatly improved.
2 intelligent technology of CNC machine tools have a new breakthrough in the performance of NC system has been reflected more. Such as: automatic adjustment function, anti collision interference power after the workpiece automatically exit safety power-off protection function parts processing, detection and automatic compensation function of learning, intelligence to enhance the performance and quality of machine tool. More five axis high speed machining center was.
3 robot make the flexible combination efficiency of flexible combination of higher robot and host are widely used, making the flexible line more flexible and extended, flexible line further shortened and more efficient. Robot and machining center, milling composite machine, grinding machine, gear cutting machine, grinder, electric machine, sawing machine, punching machine, laser machine, water cutting machine etc. various forms of flexible unit and flexible production line have been used.
4 precision machinery parts processing technology has made new progress in NC machining precision metal cutting machine has been from the original yarn (0 "mm) to micron current (0 mm), some varieties have reached about 0 M. Micro cutting and grinding of ultra precision CNC machine tool, the precision can be reached about 0 m stable shape, precision can reach 0 "M. Special processing precision by light and electricity, chemical energy can reach nanometer level (0 m). By optimizing the design of machine tool structure, machine tool parts of ultra precision machining and precision assembly, with high precision and full closed control temperature and vibration, dynamic error compensation technology, so as to enter the sub micron and nano scale ultra precision processing times. Functional components and continuously improve the performance of functional components to the high speed, high precision, high power and intelligent direction, and has mature application. Full digital AC servo motor and a driving device, high technology content, the spindle torque motor, linear motor, linear rolling components with high performance, the application of high precision spindle unit and other functional components, greatly improve the technical level of CNC machine tools. The development trend of more related mechanical parts processing industry by Chinese please refer to the report hall released "2015-2020 development trend of Chinese machinery parts processing industry market and Industry Research Report".